Trading Platforms

Enjoy the power and flexibility of leading online trading platforms, directly from your web browser or mobile.

Trade Directly in Your Browser

You don't want to download the PROfit client to your computer? Now you don't have to. Enjoy the power and flexibility of this leading online trading platform directly in your web browser. Access your account from any computer around the world - quickly and easily.
The web version of PROfit helps you by ensuring you have access to your transactions and the market information you need.

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PROfit Mobile

Download and trade anytime on your mobile device. The PROfit app is easy to use and provides you with full functionality in the palm of your hand.

Go to the App Store or Google Play to learn more.

Benefits of using the PROfit app

  • Trade anytime
  • Miss less market opportunities
  • Read market updates in real-time
  • Execute trades quickly
  • Increase your potential

Find out more about how the PROfit app can help you to become a trader.

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