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Advanced Trading

Take Your Trading Knowledge To The Next Level

After you learn the basics, you can register for more advanced training which can potentially help you become a better trader. Learn to read and understand more advanced market updates and reports, along with financial graphs and charts.

This training session also includes:

  • Powerful Trading Tools
  • 24/5 Market Access
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Up to the Minute Market Data
  • Daily Update and Economic Calendar

Please note: We highly recommend that you take our beginner’s training session before moving on to more advanced material. Unless you are already an experienced trader, please go to our beginner’s page.

Register Now and start your adventure with the world of trading

HighSky Brokers a.s. (GI-Broker) is not servicing clients at this time.

CFDs are leveraged products that involve a high level of risk; you may lose all of your investment.

Unfortunately, we do not offer our services to residents.