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About Us

GI-Broker is an online trading brand of HighSky Brokers, an EU regulated broker.
We provide full time support in several major languages, including English, Spanish, Polish, Slovak.

What We Offer

With GI-Broker you receive unlimited access to some of the best platforms and trading tools available online. Access numerous financial instruments, including currencies, commodities, indices and stocks via CFDs, on your computer or mobile device.

Why Us

Every trader is different. That is why we have designed the most flexible service possible, ensuring that you get as much or as little support as you are comfortable with. Traders without previous experience can enjoy full time support from a personal account manager who is there to help with every step of the way. More experienced traders can unleash the full potential that GI-Broker trading tools have to offer.

EU Regulated

The GI-Broker - EU license provides you with secure background for the investment activity, ensuring that you have full control over your funds. While investments as such always carry some degree of a risk, you can sleep easy knowing that you can withdraw your money whenever you wish, receiving your funds no later than EU law permits. An EU regulated license also means absolute clarity, ensuring that you will always be aware of the potential profits and risks involved with foreign exchange, commodities or any other type of financial instrument we provide.

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Start now with GI-Broker and get your first training session free, along with a trading guide for beginners and a personal account manager to provide you with support on every step of the way.

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